Lake Havasu City Schools

lake havasu schoolsLake Havasu Unified School District

Lake Havasu Unified School District No.1 is a rapidly growing district. For the last five years our district has experienced a growth rate in excess of 10%. Presently has six elementary schools (pre-kinder garden through 5th grade), two middle schools (6th through 8th grade), and one high school (9th through 12th grade). All of our elementary and middle schools operate on a modified rear-round calendar, while our high school is on a traditional calendar year.

LHUSD#1 also offers an alternative high school program for students in grades 10-12. This program is designed to meet the needs of students whose requirements can be addressed by nontraditional instructional and scheduling methods. The “Round Table Program” operates under the umbrella of the Lake Havasu High School.

The district offers a rigorous academic program for all students. In addition, programs for the gifted and talented, special education programs, remedial, enrichment, and accelerated programs at all levels, art, music, computer, foreign language, physical education, phonics, language development, DARE, and Student Assistant Programs are offered in all the elementary schools.


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