Lake Havasu Health Care

Residents of Lake Havasu are served by numerous skilled physicians, surgeons and dentists with many specialties represented, who operate in clinics and private offices throughout the area. The community is also served by several chiropractors, eye care specialists, a variety of therapists and a wide range of non-traditional approaches to healing.

Emergency ambulance service is provided by the fire department with 31 paramedics and 57 emergency medical technicians. The area is also serviced by 2 air ambulance companies.

Havasu Regional Medical Center

HRMC is a 181 bed Medicare certified and The Joint Commission accredited facility featuring advanced healthcare technology and some of the finest professionals in the healthcare field. With a team of over 600 employees and 100 affiliated physicians, the staff represents excellence in their medical specialties.

Over the years, HRMC has expanded, updated and remodeled the meet the ever-changing needs of the community. This growth has touched nearly every area of the hospital – from the admitting area and emergency department to the patient rooms, labs and outpatient services.

HRMC provides 24hr emergency service with a full time emergency physician on duty at all times. The hospital is a state certified Level IV Trauma Center and ALS Base Hospital, authorizing medical direction and support of pre-hospital care providers, including the fire department and ambulance personnel.

In addition to general radiology services, HRMC’s Diagnostic Imaging Department offers CT and PET scans, MRI, nuclear medicine and the latest digital mammography technology.

Complete cardiovascular care is available in HRMC’s Havasu Heart Center. Diagnostic cardiac catheterization and specialized internentional radiology services such as angiography, vascular angioplasty and stent placement are performed in state of the art cardiac/vascular catheterization labs. Specialized Cardiothoracic and Vascular surgery is performed in the Havasu Heart Center with the latest technology and equipment. The Cardiac Rehabilitation program emphasizes exercise, education, counseling and behavioral modifications as patients are given the tools they need to make heart health a lifelong goal.

The hospital’s Cancer Treatment Center, with the addition of the latest linear accelerator technology, provides radiation and medical oncology services. The hospital also operates the Havasu Surgery Center, a state of the art outpatient surgery clinic. A pain management clinic is also available.

Through intensive physical, occupational an speech therapy, the Inpatient Rehabilitation Program at Havasu Regional Medical Center helps people recovering from severe trauma or stroke to re-learn the skills necessary to return to their home and community settings. In addition, home healthcare is available through Havasu Regional Medical Center’s Home Health Department. Outpatient physical, occupational and speech therapy are also available through the hospital.

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